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115 Chartres St.

New Orleans, La 70130

Across From the Marriott

A New Orleans Experience
Breakfast served 24 hours

Since opening our doors in 2011, Jimmy J's Cafe has become a destination restaurant in New Orleans serving locals and tourists alike.  Whether you are in the mood for our one of a kind breakfasts or simply rounding out the perfect date with one of our signature cocktails and delicious desserts, Jimmy J's cafe is certain to become one of your favorite restaurants. Dine In, Take Out, and Delivery Available.  


Fried Shrimp and Oyster Po-boy on french bread, dressed
bacon bloody mary
tuscan style eggs
Irish Oatmeal Brulee with raisins
Eggs Ranchero
French toast monte cristo
Grilled Eggplant
House Mojito
Black Angus Burger
Very Berry Sangria
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Customer Reviews


August 04, 2011 - Really likes it

I stumbled into this quaint little colorful New Orleans diner off of Charters expecting nothing more than the usual cup of Joe and hot breakfast you would associate with any local breakfast cafe. To my delight the meal I was served can only be described as the closest thing to a religious experience I have ever had. Everything was made from scratch, my Poached Eggs Tuscan style were plated as though I were eating in a 5 star restaurant and the quality and flavor of my meal definitely sets a new standard for Breakfast in New Orleans. When I received my bill I was amazed to see that it was almost the exact same cost as all the other local diners that only offered up what is now in my opinion nothing more than a standard plate of mediocrity for breakfast. This is definitely one stop you do not want to pass up if you are ever in New Orleans."

Matt M.


Really enjoyed this place.  Came here with my girlfriend and another couple during Mardi Gras and enjoyed the food so much we came back the next day.  Very casual, limited seating and an all day menu.  The prices are very reasonable!

As some have noted, the Shrimp Po Boy is on point--really soft, accommodating bread overloaded with crispy seasoned fried shrimp.  Put together like a classic Po Boy, along with the fries this is a solid meal even for a heavy hitter. 

The grits were excellent and didn't require any additional butter.  Red beans and rice were really good.  They had a special Mardi Gras drink list and featured a bacon infused Bloody Mary, can't go wrong with bacon-anything. 

Finally, the service was a little spotty the first time we were there, but I'm giving them a break because they were swamped with Mardi Gras traffic.  Hard to prepare for that kind of rush.

Overall would highly recommend for anyone looking for a quick, delicious southern style meal.

Sarah E.


I give the owner of Jimmy J's (that would be Chicago-bred chef Jimmy, duh) a lot of credit for having the cojones for opening a breakfast and sandwich shop in the thick of tourist-laden NOLA. And since I was indeed a tourist, I can say with certainty that after eating enough red beans and rice to feed a starving village for a month in seven days, Jimmy J's was the refreshing break from heavy Creole that we needed.

Service was decent, albeit slightly rushed, the art on the wall is for sale, and I imagine it's a great little hangout when you've closed down Bourbon St. on a weekend. I had a quick lunch here with four female coworkers, no easy task, and we were each thrilled with our meals. The tuna melt and pesto panini received raving reviews. The egg ranchero ran on the small side, and the fried shrimp and oyster Po' Boy was fresh and crisp. Also, ginormous. Do your stomach a favor and share that sucker.

The best thing on the menu that had our whole conference buzzing: the fries. Giant, fat, salty fries crispy on the outside and soft and smooth on the inside. The Bloodys also looked great, however I was being a good girl and staying sober for my work day (no small challenge).

So when you've had so much jambalaya, etouffee, red beans and rice, and other Creole yums that your stomach and heart are ready to keel over, stop in Jimmy J's for a fresh meal.

Rene V.


Very small place, but BIG on taste. Really, really good food.

We had the Fried Shrimp/Oyster Po Boy and it was delicious.  Our friends had The Reuben - tasty, big and filling. Good for beer drinkers.

The portions are HUGE!  Share a plate. Too much food for one person.

mardi c.


what a great spot, that no one seems to know about.... YET
breakfast served all day is always a bonus, and there's plenty to choose from, with fresh ingredients.  never mind the spot next door, this place has it goin on. 

nice artwork adorns the walls, and although it seems small, the flavors here are big.  I had the tuscan eggs, with a vegetable ratatouile, and grits, and then some french toast on the side.  hit the spot.

they also serve sandwiches and other entree's and are open til ten pm.   a bar also so you don't gotta worry bout where to get your bloody mary. 

everyone super friendly, and the management is right there to help out.
I think this place is going to be a huge hit, when the droves of folks find out?  I wouldn't be surprized by a line round the corner!